Don’t Spread The Rumor, 9Mobile Hasn’t Been Acquired by Glo

Written by CODEXS

It’s obvious that some people has been spreading rumors that Glo has been anointed to takeover 9mobile which is absolutely not the truth. The winner is scheduled to be announced on January 16 2018. 
Barclays has not authorized any publication on the matter and is obliged to maintain full confidentiality thereon.

“An approval of the request for extension of time by the 9Mobile Interim Board was given by the 2 regulators – NCC and CBN. This set the deadline for the receipt of binding offers from the prospective bidders till 16th January 2018. Contrary to speculations that a “winner” will be announced on the same day (i.e. 16th of January 2018) we wish to clarify that Barclays is expected to review the bids received by the deadline and to make recommendations to the 9Mobile Interim Board thereafter.

Globacom also reacted to the news saying that
“Globacom has not acquired 9Mobile, as widely reported in the media.
“We are bound by the terms of the acquisition process, as stipulated by the authorities handling it, and we will not in any way sway or deviate from the rules.”

So don’t spread the rumor yet, Glo has not acquired 9mobile. Nobody knows who will acquire 9 mobile until when bidding stops 16th January 2018.

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