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How To Transfer Files For IOS With Android Xender

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Xender as one of the top  wifi transferring software for Android Iphone  And Windows phone due to many problems on how to connect your Iphone xender with Android smartphone i decide to drop this tutorial help IOS users, this method works on jailbreaks and non jailbreak IOS devices.

Xender For iPhone – How To Connect To Android

The steps in transferring medias from android phone to xender is very simple if you can follow the step, Although there is a guide on the app which shows you how to connect Xender for iPhone with Android, I’d like to do the same here.

Launch the Xender App on your iPhone

Now, launch the Xender app on the Android device

On the Xender for Android, tap on the Arror option. This brings up the option of either to send, or receive.

Look below the options. Tap on Connect to iOS

When the connection is complete, return back to the iPhone.

On the iPhone, Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

Tap and connect to the Wi-Fi network starting with ADYYS…..

Return back to the sender app on the iPhone and you should get a successful connection sound.

The iPhone name should display on the Android Xender app.

Same applies to the Android Name on Xender for iPhone app.

This signifies that both devices are now connected to Xender.

At this point, you can begin transmitting files from the iPhone to the Android. You can also transfer files from the Android device to the iPhone.

Basically, you can only transmit Music files, Videos and documents between both devices. Apps excluded. That’s very much understandable.

Things To Note Regarding Transmitting Files Between Android and iPhone Via Xender

  1. You do not need an active internet connection for this.
  2. Files sent from Android to iPhone via Xender, stays in Xender. What this entails is, music files cannot be found on the iPhone Music library. Hence, you can only play the received music files on the Xender app.
  3. You can download files on the iPhone via Xender. However, that doesn’t apply to system files. System files like Videos stored under the TV app cannot be deleted. These files however, can be sent via Xender for iPhone.
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Best Way To Transfer Music Files To The Music Library On iPhone?

The Xender app for iPhone has an inbuilt Music and Video player. Hence, there shouldn’t be a problem with having to play received files via the app.

However, for flexibility sake, the default apps on iOS is always recommended. And since you’d like to have the files on their respective apps, using a computer is better advised.

This, you can attain using iTunes. However, if you just need to transfer specific files and not synchronize, iTransfer could come in handy.

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So, there you have it guys. That’s essentially how to connect and use Xender for iPhone in transmitting files with Android. Questions? Feel free to rely using the comment session.

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