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EverNote Beta Got Fingerprint Sensor

Written by CODEXS

As it merge that Evernote now of the most user and one of the best Android Note application has brought you with Evernote Beta, which allows you to set security Fingerprint in your notes files hosted in evernote.

The latest feature to be added to popular note-taking app Evernote for Android is fingerprint scanner. The new function allow users unlock the application using their fingerprints.

Recall that previously, the only viable way for users authentication was through a four-digit PIN. But right now it will be more quicker and easier. It’s actually a welcomed development if you ask me.

To access the feature, you have to make sure you’ve enabled the passcode lock option (Settings -> Account Info -> Set up passcode lock). Once that is done, the fingerprint authentication option can be found in the “Manage passcode lock” submenu.

Meanwhile, fingerprint feature is only available in the beta version of the app at the moment but highly expected to roll out to the regular app soon.

What is your best Note-taking app for Android? Mine is color Note

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