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WhatsApp Extended BlackBerry Users Till End Of 2017

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As the whatsApp agree to shutdown some Smartphone Blackberry Nokia phone and Left 3 smartphone on whatsApp Androids IPhone’s and Windows phone UNblocked from using whatsApp, since last year 2016 , they got the notice, but now unfortunately they also extended the shutting down till end of 2017.

This is a huge relief for Blackberry users worldwide as WhatsApp Extends Support For BB 10 devices till end of 2017 instead of the initially stated date of June 30th.

WhatsApp started issuing threats to Blackberry users since last year 2016, prompting most of them to ditch their device and port to a different platform (Android and iOS) where WhatsApp is fully supported. But since then, they have being extending the support date so this is not the first time and maybe it won’t be the last time it will be extended. Although you can vividly count the number of people currently using Blackberry devices.

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In a recent report, reported that WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 (and BlackBerry OS7+) would be extended until the end of 2017, instead of the initial reported June 30

However, it’s interesting to know that an update confirming the extension has been rolling out of WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 which confirms the news officially extending the support as the change log notes read ‘changed client end-of-life date to December 31, 2017’.

In conclusion, it’s not yet totally over for Blackberry users as they can still continue enjoying WhatsApp till the end of this year and hopefully praying for yet another extension or intervention as it’s the case in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market


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Well, in a similar development, S40 users (Symbian phones) have also been given more time and have had their end date extended as well. But S60 ends June 30th. It’s quite unfortunate.

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