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Twitter AutoNight Mode For Android Devices

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Twitter night mode was brought up by Twitter since last year 2016. this feature called Night Mode was introduce to enable color background change while tweeting, due to the environmental temperature and mode (morning,afternoon and evening) this feature enable users to switch to Night Mode and Normal mode. Has a great importance to people who have eye problems, twitter is set to make this feature very simple and easy by making it automatic on android powered smartphones and tablets.
Main while IOS and Windows smartphone should be also expecting this feature.

Before now, on the Twitter app, you toggle it in the menu and you’ll get a dark background with white text as opposed to black text with a white background, easy right? But the new automatic feature which is already available on the Beta version of the app will make things as easy as ABC.

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Image credi: Phonearena

Just like your normal android automatic screen light, the app will be getting an automatic night mode that switches at sunrise and sunset for those who tweet around the clock.

Automatic Night mode will roll out on Twitter 7.2. After updating your twitter app, you’ll be forced to the regular model and once you hit night mode again, you’ll be prompted to set night mode to automatic if you so choose. The feature should hit the Twitter’s public release very soon.

Have you used Twitter night mode before? How was the experience?

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