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How to Install & Move Apps to Memory Card on Android Phone

Written by CODEXS

One of the problems we smartphone users do complain about is the low internal storage, after installing apps into the phone’s internal storage. Have you ever thought of installing apps directly into memory card instead of installing them in phone’s internal storage?

Alright, i will quickly show you how to install apps directly into memory card and also show you how to move apps from Phone’s internal storage to SD Card if you are out of phone’s storage.

Before i continue, let’s break into these set of categories:

  1. You have a new phone and you are yet to start installing any apps. In this case, you want to the apps to install to the memory card, maybe because the phone got a small internal storage or probably you just want to do it.
  2. You have already installed apps and need to move them from the internal storage to the memory card, maybe because you are out of storage or so.

I’m going to treat both categories right here in this post. Kindly follow me along

How To Set Your Android Phone To Install Apps In Memory Card

This applies to you if you have a new smartphone and want to install apps on memory card from the go. Follow the steps below:

>> Insert a memory card into your smartphone.

>> The phone should prompt you to set it up.

>> Select Use as Internal Storage and tap Next

>> The phone will require you to format the Sd card at this point.

Note that this will erase all data stored on the SD card, so a backup is a good idea. Note also that the Sd card will only work with that phone after formatting it. To make the Sd card work on another phone or device, then you need to format the Sd card on that new phone or device.



>> Once the formatting is completed, all apps installations, file downloads and savings will be automatically be saved to the memory card.

That’s all about that. Moving on to the last category.

How To Move Already Installed Apps To Memory Card

If you already have your apps installed in the phone’s internal memory, the first thing to do is to make sure that your memory card is inserted into the phone. Once you have done that, follow my below steps.

>> Goto phone’s Settings

>> Tap Apps or Applications

>> Select the app you want to move to Sd card

>> If the app can be moved, a button with “Move to SD CARD” will be clickable


>> Now, tap on Move to SD Card

>> Lastly, wait for it to complete the operation.

You have to manually repeat the above process for each app that you want to move from the phone storage to memory card.

That’s all friends. Hope you find this post useful? Please comment and share

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