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WhatsApp New Updates : Unsend Feature, New Font Shortcuts

Written by CODEXS

It been pretty cool whatsapp are now introducing new updates and which have been like a competition for many social media and chatting application, because everyone want to have satisfy his users by bringing new, non install features,  the improvement has been done on WhatsApp within the last few months no wonder Google Allo is silently dying of loneliness.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the largest instant messenger in the world and if you are a beta user, expect to see the following updates because its already rolling to some users, the new added features are blow,.

  1. New Font Shortcut: WhatsApp for Android version 2.17.148 is said to add new font shortcuts for bold, italics, and strike through. This will remove the need to add text inside asterisks while typing for making it bold, or type phrase between underscores to italicize.
  2. The Revoke Features:These feature allow a user to edit or revoke unread messages, it has been spotted several times, and recently was spotted on WhatsApp beta for iPhone and is now heading to WhatsApp Web. The feature would allow users to recall or ‘unsend’ messages they have sent to their contacts, or even edit them.
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Meaning a new update for WhatsApp Web is coming soon, and will add the revoke feature to the browser version of the app. @WABetaInfo claims that users will be able to ‘unsend’ messages within five minutes of being sent.

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