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Psiphon Settings for Airtel YouTube Flex Free Browsing Cheat

Written by CODEXS

Airtel has just launched a new plan called YouTube Flex; this plan is offering you 500MB and 150MB worth of data for one month and one week validity respectively, and only usable on YouTube website / app.

This plan is designed specifically for streaming YouTube videos only, and that’s why it’s been called Airtel YouTube Flex. Flex YouTube videos till you get tired. The data won’t work on any other apps except YouTube app or the website. But wait, that’s not all. There’s a good news about this plan. You want to hear the good news? Alright, read on.

Do you know that you can use this plan on all of your apps on Android using Psiphon VPN? Ofcourse yes! I will provide you guys with the settings for this to work. You can now use Airtel YouTube Flex to chat on Whatsapp, download, browse Facebook, and also browse other sites like; interesting right?

Without much talks, let me show you how to activate Airtel YouTube flex and also teach you how to use it on all of your apps on your Android phone. Kindly follow me along as i reveal the settings to you.


  • >> Dial *141*4#
  • >> Select “1” for the weekly plan Or Select “2” for the monthly plan as you can see from the screenshot below.
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After that, you can start streaming YouTube videos as you wish; but i suggest you use this data for browsing and chatting as well as downloading some important apps. I will show you how to use this data on all of your apps using Psiphon 91 VPN.


First of all, download Psiphon 91 handler VPN app from Here (if you don’t have it Installed on your device yet).

Launch the app and configure it as follows

  • >> tick remove port
  • >> Proxy server:
  • >> Real proxy type: Default
  • >> Real proxy server: leave it blank
  • >> Real proxy port: 80
  • Tap the Save button.

Navigate to Options and select United states as your region.

On that same screen, tap on More Options and untick every boxes that is ticked; and then, go back and tap on Start. It will connect within 10 seconds.

For me, i am using this plan on all of my apps without powering them with Psiphon vpn. You can as well try to browse and see if yours will work on all apps without using Psiphon VPN.

I don’t think this plan will be blocked anytime soon, as it’s an official plan from Airtel. So, enjoy while it last. This is what I call value for money data.

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