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Alternative for Etisalat 60MB for Psiphon and Tweakware Free Browsing Cheat

Written by CODEXS

 Alternative for Etisalat 60MB for Psiphon and Tweakware  Free Browsing Cheat

 Alternative for Etisalat 60MB for Psiphon and Tweakware  Free Browsing Cheat

it a quite along time people are enjoying etisalat 60MB every which has really help naija guys alot , the data surf fast and power all android data ,It’s quite unfortunate that the Etisalat 60MB daily free browsing cheat has been blocked. The cheat that has been saving so many people, especially the students some few bucks. Because i know so many people who only use this cheat to chat on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc, and also visit some few sites to read the latest happenings.

Early today, some folks from our Telegram group chat contacted me that they were unable to connect with the Etisalat 0.00k cheat since yesterday using Tweakware VPN, XP Psiphon, QueenCee VPN and the rest of them.


After receiving same complaint on my personal Whatsapp chat, i decided to try connecting with the cheat; and i found out that bytes are no longer reading, which means the Proxy server ( has been blocked for free browsing.

This will sound like a sad news to some people. We knew that the 60MB daily limit is so poor, but i can point out some few peepz who this cheat has been really saving some few cash for subscribing to a data plan.

Now That Etisalat 60MB Cheat Has Been Confirmed Blocked, What’s Next?

I really really missed the previous Etisalat Remote Tweak unlimited free browsing cheat that was out early last month, March. I could still remember that I almost used 10GB of data before it got blocked.

The only outstanding alternative to browse for free is the GLO 0.0k unlimited free browsing cheat. The cheat is one of the oldest cheat ever liveth. It’s going to a year that the cheat was out, and up till today, it’s still blazing fine.

As we all know the problem with GLO is their poor and slow 3G coverage. They are just naturally slow in network. Instead of them to use the money they spend on Advert to improve their network speed, they are there spending on Advert that don’t really matter.

Incase you don’t know the settings for Glo free browsing cheat, kindly Click here for the XP Psiphon settings.

Are you still able to connect with Etisalat free browsing cheat? If yes, comment with the vpn you are using with it.

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