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Etisalat With Psiphon 91 Pro Lite  Ent.nxtfwd cheat is Still Blazing – See New Settings

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Recently, it was brought to my notice that Etisalat 60MB daily free browsing cheat was blocked, which i tested and confirmed using Tweakware VPN. Most of you guys that are complaining that the cheat has been blocked, probably you are using Tweakware vpn for it.
After publishing that the Etisalat ent.nxtfwd 60mb cheat has been blocked and also shared alternative for it, a guy which is the first commenter on that particular post added that he is currently using the cheat on a different VPN which he also mentioned. Read the post Here.
So i decided to check out if it’s really still blazing. On setting up this cheat on Psiphon vpn, i noticed it kept connecting and at the same disconnecting anytime i wanted to browse.
To cut the story short, I’m happy to tell you all that i have finally gotten the settings to make it stable for you to browse. Any other settings apart from mine might misbehave. So, follow exactly what I will drop right here in this post.

  • You need an Android phone
  • An Etisalat sim with no active data.
  • Strong 3G networkPatience in following my steps.



APN: etisalat

Proxy: leave it empty

Port: leave it empty

Username: leave it blank

Password: leave it blank
First of all, download Psiphon 91 handler VPN app from Here (if you don’t have it Installed on your device yet).

Launch the app and configure it as follows

Tick Remove port

Proxy type: Real host

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: HTTP

Real proxy server: leave it blank

Real proxy port: 8080

As shown in the screenshot, then tap on Save.

After that, Goto Options => More Options and Untick every boxes as seen in my below screenshot. You can tick Sound if you like.

Now go back and select Region as Best Performance and tap on Start to connect.

It will connect within 5 minutes to 10 minutes, you just have to exercise some patient while it connects. After it’s connected, open your browser and start browsing. I noticed my browsing speed was slow. You can test yours and see.


It is very simple to use Etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat on PC. The app that will be making this possible is called PDANET


It has come to my notice that the cheat do stop at 40MB or so. While it stops at about 50MB for some people. i.e, it is data capped at 59MB to 60MB. Once you have exhausted the data for that day, it won’t connect again. You have to wait until the next day. That’s how it works.
That’s all. I hope we are now back to blazing this cheat as usual. Meanwhile, you can keep trying out Tweakware to see if it will connect. Cos I’m sure it w

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