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Whatsapp Live Loctation Set To Be Introduce Live While Chatting Online

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Whatsapp Set To Intoduce Live Location While Chatting Online

This we be one of the best feature whatsapp have introduce , It will show  you live online  location with who you are chatting ,  at thesame showing him your own chatting location as well.

Whatsapp Set To Intoduce Live Location While Chatting Online

Importantanct of Whatsapp Live Location

Whatsapp live location will prove or wrong  the person you are chatting with, weather he lie to you of is location on your previous chatting history,

Whatsapp Live Location Tracking would enable users to show their location to members of a group chat.

Furthermore, everyone in a group, family or team can keep an eye on each other.

Disadvantage Of whatsapp Live Location

One of the biggest  disadvatage of whatsapp  live location is that, some of people on whatsapp dont like sharing their location to anyone they are chatting that why whatsapp also set where to turn it on and off the tracking location.

The feature will not be automatically turned on, however, so the user gets to decide if he/she wants people to know where they’re chatting from. That’s a good sign. It means I don’t have to tell them when I’m in the toilet, but I can show off when I’m at a luxury place, doing some crazy stuff lol.

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Most interesting thing about this feature is that users will have the option to enable the Live Location Tracking for a limited time period. That means you could activate it for as little as one minute, or as much as five minutes.

How to Install Whatsapp Live Location

To get whatsapp live location on your mobile smartphone (Android,Iphone and Microsoft phone), kindly login on your smartphone store and download the latest version of whatsapp, for Android usere store is Google Play Store, for Iphone user store Is Itunes and Microsoft Phone should enter Store or market on there phone

On a more serious note, the Live Location Tracking function has some sweet benefits. For example, it would help people meet each other more easily. We all know that a lot of young people nowadays spend loads of time on social media. Therefore, it could get difficult to meet up if you have no idea where the dude you’re chatting with is.


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